Things to Know About a Countertop Water Filtration System

Many men and women want a water filtration system for their home, whether they have water supplied by a municipality or a private well. Many prefer a portable system instead of one that is permanently attached to the home’s plumbing. Then they can even use it when they take road trips or go camping, always being able to have a few gallons of safe, tasty drinking water available.

One Useful Option

One option is the Berkey filter system, with a variety of sizes ranging from 1.5 to 6 gallons. A popular choice is to buy a smaller size for portability and a larger one for home use. The container not only can be tapped when someone wants a drink of fresh water, but for cooking, making coffee and tea, and any other consumption needs. Ideally, adults would drink 8 cups of water per day, which is 2 quarts.

Types of Filters

The standard black filters generally last a long time, much longer than people who have experience with other filter systems would expect. The precise length of time is impossible to calculate without taking into account how much water the household is using. The filters do need to be removed and scrubbed occasionally, however. A fluoride removal filter also can be purchased for people living in municipalities that add this substance to the tap water. Not everyone wants to consume fluoride.

Treating Untreated Water

The filters can be used for effectively treating water in streams or lakes when people are camping if they don’t bring enough of their own water along. The devices are useful for removing all impurities. However, they do not effectively filter salt from water, so trying to turn ocean water into drinkable water cannot be done with these products. The salt can also damage the filters.

Avoiding Appliance-Softened Water

In regard to salt, households that soften their water with an appliance also should avoid pouring that water directly into the Berkey containers. They can use the lever that bypasses the system and then pour regular tap water into the container. Even that small amount of salt from the softener can clog the filters over time.