Why Their Number of Years on Earth May Not Be a Person’s True Age

It is a fact of life that some people glide through their dreaded 40th, 50th birthdays, and even beyond, without seeming to age much. Others feel worn out by early middle age. A recent online article at Mom Fuse shed some light on the reasons why. It seems that biology is the culprit, but simple lifestyle changes can often make a difference.

Biological Age vs. True Age

Grossman Wellness Clinic founder Dr. Terry Grossman advises that it is not uncommon for some parts of the body to age faster than others. In fact, it is typical for cancerous tumors to speed cell aging. There have been children’s brain tumors that appeared to consist of 80 year old tissue. Fortunately, the process also works in reverse. It is possible for some body tissue to appear much younger than others. The heart, for example, is often “younger” than organs near it.

Cells and DNA Affect Aging

Medicine tells us that there are basically two reasons for premature cell aging. The first happens when cells divide and their telomere beads (structures at chromosome ends) fall off. Chromosomes get shorter as life goes on, so short telomeres are associated with early-onset diseases and death. Methylations, or DNA signals, are the second contributors. Essentially they tell genes to shut off. They are critical when embryos are developing and can be measured to determine biological age.

Lifestyle Choices Affect Human Biology

Although some people inherit the tendency toward deteriorating telomeres and cells that shut down, lifestyles can affect the processes. A healthy diet and regular exercise have a dramatic impact on biological age. Drinking lots of healthy water and moving the body as often as possible helps, too. There is also evidence that HGH (human growth hormone) supplements help. Patients who receive medically supervised doses often enjoy increased vigor and increased muscle mass. Their fatty tissue decreases. However, there are many fake HGH products on the market, so it is important to speak to a medical expert about the injections.

Biological functions within the body can determine whether a person’s chronological age matches their biological age. However, there is evidence that a nutritious diet and regular exercise also impact the aging process. In addition, medically supervised HGH injections have made dramatic differences for many people.